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Mara’s Picks

mara-watts-get-out-mamaWelcome to Mara’s Picks page where – you guessed it – Mara shares her top product picks, from products for Mothers-to-Be to favorite seasoned mama finds!  We hope you are ready to fill your home with the best products!


BullfrogsButterflies_webStretch Mark Prevention Cream – and it WORKS!  This new cream is both lightweight and smooth, working to blast away and prevent any unwanted stretch marks due to pregnancy (or just life).

From Mara: “I love how this cream smells, feels and absorbs quickly, leaving my skin moisturized and smooth.  It just doesn’t get much better than this!  Plus, I can visibly see my stretch marks diminishing!  Great product!”

You can buy YOUR Bullfrogs & Butterflies Stretch Mark Prevention Cream today!

Transform Your Skin HERE!

plumprint art bookCherish Your Child’s Artwork with a Plum Print Book and Home Decor!  Plum Print allows you the opportunity to transform your clutter, yet precious children’s artwork, into beautiful coffee table books, pillows, shower curtains and more!

From Mara: “I loved putting together my son’s first Plum Print Book!  It was a blast going through all of his sweet creations and picking out the artwork that I wanted featured in his book.  Grandparents, aunts and uncles and friends had a blast looking through our book.  What a great idea and a great way to declutter from all the tubs and tubs of artwork from school projects.” 

Start transforming your clutter and piles of artwork into beautiful creations to feature in your home.  Click the link below:

Get Your Plum Print Items HERE!

oneloveOne Love Chiropractic and Dr. Derek is a favorite for Mara and her family.  Dr. Derek provides the wellness that every family needs.  Derek definitely thinks outside of the box and works with each family to tailor his services to their specific needs.  Check him out in the Asheville, NC area!

From Mara: “Derek has been the solution that our family needed.  Our son was experiencing internal digestive issues and Derek helped reach the root cause and solved his problems!  Our daughter receives regular care as well from Derek.  We really love the practice!  Not to mention, he has helped to solve my own personal and physical issues with sternum and back pain!  A must if you live in the Western North Carolina area!

You can contact Derek by clicking the button below!

Find Ultimate Wellness Here!