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The Benefits of Having a Family Pet

Disclaimer – The opinions and comments within this blog post are 100% my own.  I was not paid to say ANY of this and I truly feel the way that I do about this product and company.  Happy Day!

This time of year is “ruff” – literally!

We just got a new puppy for our children and have been on cloud nine.  Until the allergies started to set in.  April is a horrible month – sure it is beautiful to watch the greenery come alive, new life immerse from the ground (or womb) and we start pulling out all of our tshirts and shorts!  I am such a warm weather lover.

But with that comes the sneezing, the sinus headaches, itchy, watery eyes, scratchy throat and gobs and gobs of pollen on my car.  WHY?!?!  I’m not a fan…

With our tshirts and shorts, we ALSO pull out the antihistamines, allergy reducing home remedies and the tissue boxes – UGH!

So when Barbara with EverydayHappy reached out about their brand new product, All-Natural Fabric + Pet Freshener (an allergen reducing spray that is SAFE for pets and humans) I thought, “Woah!  1. Good Timing! and 2. YES!  Send me a lifetime supply!!”


And so she did (not a lifetime supply, but enough to get me through the spring-time allergens!)  THANK YOU!

I have to say, besides the EverydayHappy All-Purpose Cleaner and the Laundry Detergent, the All-Natural Fabric + Pet Freshener spray is one of my favorites – because I can REALLY see the results.

When the box arrived, I immediately opened it and began spraying my house.  My initial response to the product was, “Wow, my house smells great (thanks to the fresh freesia scent) and…wait…I can spray my pet??”  Yep, folks, you read right!  You.can.safely.spray.your.pets with this product AND say “bye bye” to allergens!


spray-get-out-mamaI felt like a fairy.  I was fluttering around my home spraying the dog’s blankets, the couch, the window curtains, pillows, the rugs and anything else that happened to have fabric on it that could potentially be “infested” with allergens.  It was lovely – the scent, the reassurance that what I was spraying was safe for everyone and knowing that I was helping my children to live in an allergen-free environment.

THAT my friends is the best!

Ditch the medications, live a healthier life and breathe happy with EverydayHappy’s newest product – The All-Natural Air + Pet Freshener!

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