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Teaching Piano to Little Hands – An Intro to Classical Music Part 2

Ludwig van Beethoven was by far one of the BEST composers (in my opinion) within the classical/piano era.  Growing up playing piano I loved sitting down and expressing myself through several of Beethoven’s greatest hits: Für Elise and selections of several symphony pieces.  Beethoven was truly GREAT!

Did You Know? (Source)

~ Beethoven aimed to be unique, writing his compositions and music in C minor – making playing his music a bit more difficult than others
~ Around age 25, Beethoven started going deaf, and he still was able to write, compose and play the most magical music of all history
~ Beethoven lived most of his life in Vienna
~ Beethoven had a temper!

Let’s Play and Learn!

Throughout the day I love to play various Beethoven songs, particularly piano pieces.  I’m a believer in what you expose your children to, that is what will grow their curiosity and itch for learning.  So let’s start with some great options from the great Ludwig van Beethoven:

Beethoven’s Fifth
Ode to Joy
Für Elise
Minuet in G
Moonlight Sonata

Color While Listening!  Color THIS coloring sheet from MakingMusicFun.net while you jam to the songs above.

beethoven appGet Tech-y

Continue to explore Ludwig van Beethoven on your smartphone or your tablet!  The Meet Beethoven app is fun and educational all in one.  Learn fun facts, play games and listen to some of Beethoven’s most popular pieces.  The app does cost a small fee of $0.99, but I feel like it is a great addition to this music history piece if your children are ages 4 or older.

Download in the App Store.



Reading Corner

There are a few really fun books that children will fall in love with as they explore the life and musical career of Ludwig van Beethoven.  We have compiled a list for you to check out from your library, or even purchase for your own home library, to read while listening to a few of Beethoven’s masterpieces:

~ Beethoven Lives Upstairs by Barbara Nichol
~ Beethoven’s Wig by Richard PerlMutter
~ Welcome to the Symphony by Carolyn Sloan

I hope you have fun with this mini-lesson as you read, dance and color!  Next week we will have TONS of fun with a Teddy Bear Picnic!  See you then!



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