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edh prenatal

Supporting Mamas in ALL Stages of Motherhood – EverydayHappy Product Review

Disclaimer: The opinions and words written within this article are 100% my own.  The advice and opinions below are just that, advice and opinions.  Please consult a physician when considering prenatals or any multivitamin for that matter.

I have struggled for some time trying to find a multivitamin that was the “right fit” for me.  Literally, I have tried just about everything under the sun: prescription vitamins, whole food supplements, gummies, horse pills that take a ton of courage to gulp them down and even dropped the idea when I thought I was at a loss.  But I whole heartedly believe that I have found what works for me and for my body as a whole.


What my body needed:

~ A boost of energy (I somehow seem to have a hard time getting up and going in the mornings…so I needed something that helped give me a “kick in the pants”)
~ A multivitamin that I knew was created without all of the extra junk (i.e. artificial colorings and flavorings, lead, mercury and arsenic to name a few)
~ Brain support (this mama-brain is KILLING ME!)
~ And something that makes me feel better all around.  As many of you know, I suffer from postpartum depression.  Some days are great while other days are not so great, I can tell a difference in my emotional wellbeing when I am supported by a well formulated vitamin

So, Barbara with EverydayHappy reached out to me and requested that I try out their brand new Prenatal + Postnatal Supplements.  I thought, why not!  I’m on the hunt for the perfect multivitamin anyways!  So I began to take them and wrote down how I felt over the course of 2 weeks.  I am telling you WHAT!?!  I feel so much better, so much more energized and emotionally clearer throughout the day!  

Another great perk to these vitamins is that all mothers in all stages of motherhood can take these!  I am a mother of 2 and have entered into the postnatal stage of life, and I can definitely tell you that these vitamins are GREAT for women thinking about pregnancy, those who are pregnant, and those who have recently given birth.

Check out my journaling notes below:

edh prenatalDay 1, 9:15am: Took the EverydayHappy Prenatals this morning at 9:15am while the kids sat in their high chairs eating breakfast.  The pills are a good average size, easy to swallow and have a minimal aftertaste to them.  We will see how things go…

Day 1, 3:00pm: Both kids are down for a nap.  I usually require a nap at this time, but I am actually up working on a few things around the house – where did this energy come from?!

Day 6, 8:30am:  I have been taking my EverydayHappy Prenatals for the past several days.  I’m so bad about taking vitamins regularly, but I have really dedicated myself to this!  And I can really tell a difference in how my body feels and how my brain fog is clearing up.  I can focus better and enjoy playing with my kids more (due to increased energy levels)  This is AWESOME!

Day 15, 2:30pm: 2 weeks have passed, I am noticing that I am sleeping much better at night, while I am waking up earlier and refreshed in the mornings.  My coffee intake has decreased and my water intake has increased!  The health benefits of just simply feeling better has truly paid off in my opinion!

As you can see, I have really benefited from the EverydayHappy Prenatals!  I actually can’t believe how great I feel.  I’m back into my daily yoga practice (which I let go due to an increase in work flow) and have decided to minimize how much coffee I drink.  I can REALLY tell a difference.

Other Benefits I Have Noticed:

~ My nails and hair are growing at a faster pace
~ I am happier due to increased energy
~ My house is cleaner (YAY!)

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