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Put a Little “Spring” in Your Step!

Is springtime not just totally wonderful?  It feels so fresh and renewing.  I love when the buds start coming out and little flowers start blooming.  New green leaves start peeking out here and there.  Spring makes you feel like it is time to start living again after the long, cold winter.  It is time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.  It is time to start getting things planned and accomplished.  We spring forward, we launch things in to action, and we ourselves almost become new again. Spring is the perfect time to reset, restart, and reclaim your life.  

1.  Get Your Life Back in Order

Life is….well it is life.  It is beautiful, crazy, hectic, sporadic, fun, and BUSY!  By the time we come out of the dark, blistery winter we all need to get things back on track.  Spring is a wonderful time to refocus.  Get your priorities set straight and strive to find a happy balance. 

2.  Get Your House Back in Order

They do not call it spring cleaning for nothing!  Get out those supplies and get your house livable again.  During the winter we tend to stay cooped up indoors, all cozied up under tons of blankets.  No one feels like organizing a home or cleaning curtains and refrigerators when we are chilled to the bone.  That is what spring is for.  Spruce up your interior.  Breathe life back into your household.  Once your surroundings have sprung back to life you will feel alive again, too! 

3.  Your Home Also Has an Exterior

Warmer weather naturally draws us outdoors.  While you are out there soaking up the fresh spring sunshine, take a look at the outside of your house.  The winter takes its toll outdoors, as well.   Take this renewing time to spruce up paint, pressure wash, pick up broken limbs, prep flower beds,  lay new mulch, etc.  Get the outdoors ready to host life! 

Is springtime not just totally wonderful?  It feels so fresh and renewing.

4.  Freshen Yourself

Do you have old winter hair that was flopped on top of your head or stuffed under a hat for months on end?  Its time for some TLC!  Freshen your hair with some spring color or a new healthy trim.  Moisturize your skin.  Get those legs, arms. feet, and hands ready to be seen.  Schedule a manicure and pedicure or simply paint your own nails for a fun springy look.  Use lighter shades of eye shadow and lip gloss.  Trade over your wardrobe.  Hide those big bulk sweaters and bring out the lighter, brighter spring fashions.  Ohhhh!   It feels SO good! 

5.  Make Some Outdoor Plans

Make some fun family plans.  Plan to grill something and invite friends over. Have a bonfire with your kids and roast hotdogs and marshmallows.   Explore your surroundings by taking some family hikes.  Play some outdoor sports.  Make a fun outdoor hang out area for your family and friends to enjoy.  Go sight seeing around your local area.  Get out and get moving!  LIVE your LIFE again! 

6.  Become the New, Old You

Spring is so refreshing and re-energizing! Let that seep into your soul.  Refresh your relationships with God, family, and friends.  Life gets in the way of many things, but most importantly it gets in the way of who we truly are.  Mend the broken areas of YOU and start ANEW! 

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