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Packing For Your Family Trip

There is nothing more exciting than preparing for a trip with your family.  Everyone is super excited.  The kids simply cannot wait to set off on the adventure and you are excited to see your kids excited.  There is a LOT for Mama to do before you set off on your way.  Here are some tips to organize the madness of packing for your family.

  1.  Start with the necessities      Start with packing your daily necessities.  Toiletries, cosmetics, hair tools, vitamins/medicine, etc.  Anything that is part of your daily routine is part of this category.  I would advise putting all of the necessities for the family in the same bag.  You can organize smaller individual bags within the big bag.  This would help keep things separated but together.  Leave this bag out on your bathroom counter as you will need it before you depart.
  2. Pack each child their own suitcase/bag     With each child having their own bag you can ensure you have everything you need for each individual.  Think about the trip and the things you know you will need.  Shoes, socks, undies, shorts, shirts, jackets, gloves……..think, plan, and double check.  Plan an outfit for each day you are there.  Then pack a few extras to allow for accidents and spills.
  3. Pack for you and the Hubs     Follow the same guidelines as you did for the kids.  Pack for each day and then allow a few extra outfits for uh-oh’s!  Think of extra things you may need like jackets, rain coats, gloves, etc.
  4. Kitchen needs     Think of all the kitchen items you will need while you are gone.  You may need full groceries or just personal belongings to make your stay away from home more comfortable.  Think of bottles, kids utensils, bibs, blender, water bottles, a high chair, etc. 
  5. Pack first aid and medicine cabinet items     Grab items that you may need for first aid emergencies…..band aids, ointment, blister pads.  You can actually purchase a cheap first aid kit with all necessities.  You also need to pack pain, fever, and allergy medicines.  You never know when the need may arise.  It is better to be prepared.  Think of other things in this category, also.  Sunscreen, bug spray, and chap stick are always good things to have.
  6. Pack a play bag for each child     Make each child a little bag with some of their favorite toys and boredom busters.  These bags will be handy in the car, as well.  There will be down time on your trip and your kids will need entertainment.
  7. Electronics      Remember all of your electronics for your trip.  Ipads, cameras, computers, GPS, and cell phones are all needed for trips.  Remember to get all the chargers, also.  Keep them all in the same bag for easy access and easy packing.
  8. Trip specific “stuff”     Now, think of all the other stuff you made need for your trip.  Strollers, baby carriers, beach gear, coolers, ice packs, and TICKETS!!  Anything that is needed for your specific trip goes under this category.  You will want to think, plan, and double check with this category, also.





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