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It Takes a Village

“It Takes a Village”

I never really knew how true that phrase was, until I became a mother.  Even when I first gave birth to my son, I still did not fully understand the phrase.  It took me a couple of months of “trying to do it all myself” before I realized…that I couldn’t and, let’s face it, it was crazy for me to try and do it all by myself (taking care of the baby, cleaning house, making dinner, etc etc).

So I began to tap into my village.

I began with family.

Family first, unless of course circumstances suggest otherwise.  But seriously, if they want to help – if they want to hold the baby – if they want to babysit – LET THEM!  At first I did not and I found myself becoming exhausted and overwhelmed quite quickly.  And once I allowed my Aunt, or my Mother-in-Law, or my grandmother to take over for a few hours so I could do something else (OR JUST SLEEP!) I found that I was a better person for it.  I was happier, healthier and able to enjoy motherhood.

It was a moment of refreshment.

Then I found like-minded mama friends.

Yes, the village consists of family (that is a given).  But did you know that one of the most essential pieces to the village is another human being going through the same circumstances and life stages as you are?  It is vital.

Through my postpartum depression I found that the best interactions with humans, aside from the cuddles and love from my baby boy, were that of other mamas talking, offering advice and just communing together.  It was essential to my own growth as a mother.

When you think of a “village”, even back in the old days, it operated and was successful ONLY when all patrons or “villagers” contributed to the entire group as a whole.  If the farmer never grew vegetables, the people would starve because food would not have been readily available.

Ok, that is an extreme example, but you get the picture…WE NEED EACH OTHER, Mamas!

We need to lean into each other, praise each other, advise each other in appropriate ways and support each other.  Because mothering is hard…it is VERY hard, and sometimes it is not fun, but we have to keep going.

Cheer on your fellow mamas.  Offer to help when you are available.  Get together often and share stories, successes and even pitfalls.

Build your village, contribute and support each other.  It is essential to our well-being and our mothering journey as a whole.

I’m cheering you on – Get Out Mama is striving to provide local, national and international community and villages for all!  It is our hope that mamas will come together and love on one another.  So be sure to stay tuned over the next few weeks as we introduce some really neat programs and implement some fun things either virtually or in local areas.

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