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Did someone say St. Patty’s Day?!!


I like to call this the everything but the kitchen sink St. Patrick’s Day craft. I’m not sure why but I have only had Easter on the brain this month and the wonderful day of green almost passed me by. But hey I was able to save the day and there WILL be gold at the end of this rainbow!

I literally collected every green art supply I had, plus glue, & a heart shaped cookie cutter.


Can’t miss an opportunity to dress up!!


07Dipping the heart cookie cutter into green paint helps to create the perfect four leaf clover. Or at least for a few seconds it was a clover, these precious toddler fingers had a different plan.


Trace glue around the inside of the heart cookie cutter and then add glitter or in our case green sprinkles.



Continue to use your green supplies and you will finally have St. Patty’s Day art to add to your ever growing collection of masterpieces.




I call this a win!!!



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