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Curing Tummy Time Blues

Oh the struggle of tummy time! Your doctor tells you over and over how important it is and how the magic of tummy time will help with other motor skills. Then the panic sets in… my kid HATES tummy time or they will only hang in there for a few seconds. What do you do? Call the doctor? Will she crawl? Will he ever like tummy time? All babies are different and yes they will still succeed in life even if they never master tummy time. Here is a fun art project that will help tummy time last a bit longer and is mess free :)

Materials: Paint, ziplock bag, & paper(might have to cut to size)


Then add drops of paint onto paper and carefully put into ziplock bag


Now let the fun begin!!





Once your cutie pie is done take it out of the ziplock and let dry. Now you have another masterpiece to add to the fridge.

*This is also a great activity to include older kiddos in too, No Mess!!!










  1. Ali

    What an awesome idea!!!!! Love the colors you used!

  2. Benny Ogburn

    Very creative…I will have to try thing, MY grandchildren will love it! Nice article.

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