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The Get Out Mama Blog


A Time of Reflection

Life has its ups and downs.  I get it.  I have experienced it.  This week has really opened that up for me.  This week was bright, and then it was dark.  But in that darkness, again, I found light.  I found myself, I discovered what it means to be a mother, a wife, a human […]


Packing For Your Family Trip

There is nothing more exciting than preparing for a trip with your family.  Everyone is super excited.  The kids simply cannot wait to set off on the adventure and you are excited to see your kids excited.  There is a LOT for Mama to do before you set off on your way.  Here are some […]

edh prenatal

Supporting Mamas in ALL Stages of Motherhood – EverydayHappy Product Review

Disclaimer: The opinions and words written within this article are 100% my own.  The advice and opinions below are just that, advice and opinions.  Please consult a physician when considering prenatals or any multivitamin for that matter. I have struggled for some time trying to find a multivitamin that was the “right fit” for me.  Literally, […]


Saving for College – Getting a Jump Start!

Disclaimer: I am not a professional financial advisor.  The advice within this blog is just that – advice.  Please consult your local bank or financial institution/advisor to receive the proper advice on where and how you should begin saving for your child’s college. Did you know that you are only granted 940 Saturdays from the […]


Quirks of Pregnancy

Being pregnant is one of the many miracles we are granted on this earth.  How fascinating it is that our bodies grow and produce another human life? To me pregnancy is a pure and blatant sign that God is definitely real!  Becoming pregnant is a very special blessing.  I am thankful to have experienced this […]


A Bucket List for Mothers-to-Be

When I became a mother I literally died to my old self.  I died to the partying, to the late nights and Saturdays waking up at 12pm or even later.  I died to my selfish ways and had to come to terms with my “new life” as a mother to a little helpless human being. […]

to do list

Help With Your Daily To Do List

Is it not amazing how your daily to-do list quickly piles up?  Life is so very busy and trying to manage an entire family quadruples the busyness! The duties at home are enough to be a full time job, and on top of that you have financial responsibilities,  business to deal with, doctors appointments, school […]