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A Time of Reflection

Life has its ups and downs.  I get it.  I have experienced it.  This week has really opened that up for me.  This week was bright, and then it was dark.  But in that darkness, again, I found light.  I found myself, I discovered what it means to be a mother, a wife, a human […]

edh prenatal

Supporting Mamas in ALL Stages of Motherhood – EverydayHappy Product Review

Disclaimer: The opinions and words written within this article are 100% my own.  The advice and opinions below are just that, advice and opinions.  Please consult a physician when considering prenatals or any multivitamin for that matter. I have struggled for some time trying to find a multivitamin that was the “right fit” for me.  Literally, […]


Saving for College – Getting a Jump Start!

Disclaimer: I am not a professional financial advisor.  The advice within this blog is just that – advice.  Please consult your local bank or financial institution/advisor to receive the proper advice on where and how you should begin saving for your child’s college. Did you know that you are only granted 940 Saturdays from the […]


A Bucket List for Mothers-to-Be

When I became a mother I literally died to my old self.  I died to the partying, to the late nights and Saturdays waking up at 12pm or even later.  I died to my selfish ways and had to come to terms with my “new life” as a mother to a little helpless human being. […]

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